360 WSS Sprint

These are the rules for the 360 WSS Sprint racing class. When you’re preparing your vehicle, please be sure to comply with these guidelines. We look forward to seeing you on the track!


  1. Engines 360 cubic inch max.
  2. Blocks cast iron only.
  3. Heads cast iron or aluminum.
  4. Stock valve angle and location. (23 degree no spread port)
  5. Hydraulic or flat tapped cams only.
  6. No titanium rotating parts allowed.
  7. Dry sump oil system okay.
  8. Magnetos okay.
  9. Gas or methanol only.
  10. Starters optional. (2001)
  11. Front engine cars only.
  12. No offset allowed.


  1. Minimum wheelbase 84-inches.
  2. Side nerf bars required.
  3. Front and back bumpers required.
  4. Back bumper must be made of 1-inch 0.D.X.83 wall steel.
  5. All suspension bolts must be a minimum 5 grade.
  6. All body parts and nerf bars must be securely attached.
  7. Cotter pins and wire ties not allowed.
  8. Seats will be mounted to frame.
  9. Must weight at least1800 pounds, at all times. (car and driver)
  10. Must have slider drive line or shifter rear end. 


  1. Must be sprint type.
  2. Must have cockpit, side panels, tail, belly pans, nose, hood, cowl, may be one piece.
  3. Driver, engine and fuel tank must be in centerline of chassis.


  1. One Holley 500 cfm.
  2. Choke horn cannot be removed.
  3. May change jets.
  4. All other must remain in stock.
  5. 2 return springs.


  1. Must be behind driver.
  2. Must be enclosed.
  3. Must have fuel bladder.
  4. Fuel shut-off mandatory.


  1. All cars must have functioning brakes.
  2. Steel or aluminum is allowed.
  3. No carbon fibers.


  1. Any type of sprint car wheels.
  2. Splined or six pin allowed.
  3. Front spindle mounts okay.
  4. Bead locks recommended.
  5. Any Sprint car tires.
  6. No cast hubs.


  1. Mufflers are required 95DB at 100ft.


  1. Top wing not to exceed 25 square feet.
  2. Side panels not to exceed 30 inches.
  3. Front wing not to exceed 6 square feet.
  4. Side panels not to exceed 12 inches.
  5. Hydraulic wing sliders okay.
  6. Wicker bills not to exceed 1-inch.
  7. May run without wings.


  1. All cars will be equipped with six point roll cage.
  2. Main member of the roll bar must be constructed with a min of 1 3/8 .095 wall or 4130 chrome molley 1 ½ or Selby .125.
  3. All joints must have gussets.
  4. Head rest required.
  5. Roll cage must be at least 2in higher than drivers head.
  6. All bars close to driver must be padded .


  1. Fuel and battery shut off mandatory.
  2. 3inch seat belts.
  3. Must be 5-point seat belt.
  4. Full faced SA90 or newer helmets.
  5. Neck brace and gloves.
  6. Steering wheel must be padded.
  7. No mirrors.
  8. Must have fire extinguisher.
  9. Belts bust be in great shape.
  10. Double layer fire suit. (or single with nomex underwear)