Fan Fever #1: Darcie Strikes Again

Darcie Odgers takes a victory lap around Chowchilla Speedway.

Darcie Odgers strikes Chowchilla once again with her #57 red, white, and blue Nova hobby stock. Darcie strikes not once tonight, but twice. First in the heat race, coming in first, and then again in the main event. Between races, Darcie went into EMT mode to help one of our quad drivers who took a really bad spill while racing an exhibition. Thank you for the heroics Darcie, but your racing was truly spectacular. Its no wonder you’re first in points, congratulations! Also, thanks for taking the time to help one of our fellow drivers. We hope to see you out there again soon!

Ladies Hobby Stock

Heat #1: In the first heat race tonight #8 Jeanie McAbee took the checkered flag in her bright yellow car and ended up 3rd in the main. #44 Cindy Layton took 2nd in the heat and 2nd in the main. These girls were very consistent tonight, and #2 Lisa McCollum came in 3rd.

Heat #2
: Points leader and main event winner Darcie Odgers came in 1st in the heat. #02 Donna Stephens finished 2nd, and young rookie #8T8 Valerie Brewer finished 3rd. Although they happened to place, they also look like they had a great time on the track tonight. 

Main Event
: The main event was a battle from beginning to end. #44 Cindy Layton, #12 Rachel Paul, #57 Darcie Odgers, and #8 Jeanie McAbee battled each-other 20 laps. Cindy had the lead for the majority of the race. A yellow flag on lap 16 changed everything. Darcie struck out to take the checkered while #12 Rachel Paul’s car got loose setting her back 2 positions. The battle was then between Odgers, McAbee, and Layton. Odgers took first, Layton 2nd, and McAbee 3rd. It was a great finish.

Street Stock

Johnny ’Lightning’ Cardoza stole the main event! When Johnny Cardoza became “Driver of the Week” last week, I was hoping he would win the main event the very same evening. As he took the checkered flag on lap 20, that dream had come to life. It was a perfect ending for a beautiful evening. Whenever I cheer for Johnny, it seems he never lets me down. This week was no exception. He went into lightning mode & never looked back. This race moved Johnny only 13 points away from taking over points leader Darrell Hughes. That championship is getting closer and closer. Congratulations Johnny, you deserve it! But Darrell Hughes wasn’t looking too shabby either in this battle for first. Darrell took second in the main & took first earlier in the heat, so his night also ended well. In third came Steve Stone, who we have seen very little of at the track this year. Steve, it was nice seeing you tonight! The Street Stock was great racing for the fans tonight. Keep up the good work guys!

Modified Vehicles

In the modified vehicles division, Charles Paul brought home the hardware! As Charles was competing against 11 other cars in this event, he had no time to be waiting around for some lucky break. He did what he does best: drive hard & drive fast. Last week, Charles had a half a lap lead over the entire pack. We were sure he had it locked up, until a flat tire knocked him all the way to the back of the pack. We’re glad Charles drove well tonight because he has some lost time to make up this week. Charles is currently battling #98 Jack Stanford for the points lead.

360 Sprints

Our points leader, #20 Keith Shipherd, had to settle for second tonight in both the heat and the main event. But it was an amazing finish! Keith got a flat on the 3rd lap of the heat & still finished 2nd. Our very own #14 Darren Thomas has magically reappeared to take the main event win in our sprint division. These drivers are bringing home trophies in a few divisions! Darren, it looks like you’re getting rather comfortable in this class. Keep looking good out there on the track!

4 Cylinders

We save the best for last – 4 cylinders. Although it was a quiet night in this racing division, these guys were speedy. They always put on a good show, even if only 6 cars are racing. The showoffs tonight were #26 Dudley Reed & #3 David Mullet. They both drove great & they both won their main event. 

If you’re interested in the full racing results, then visit our results page! Until next week, have fun and drive safe. But don’t forget that going to Chowchilla Speedway is the best six dollars you’ll ever spend! “It’s The Place To Race.”