Fan Fever #2: The Greatest Show on Earth

Spending a few nights at the Chowchilla Speedway is the “Greatest Show on Earth”.

A Fan’s Perspective

Some of my fondest memories as a child were the days I spent going to the circus with my Dad. It never was the local small town circus; it was always “The Big Top.” It was Brandon Brothers, Bart, and Barry Cyrus. Known to us all as “The Greatest Show on Earth”. I didn’t think anything could compare to the thrill and excitement of those days, until this weekend. The tent I stayed in wasn’t quite the same as the circus tent I knew as a child. But the atmosphere surrounding it was equally as exciting and just as memorable. Baker Mayfield put on a 3-day show that was more then anything I could have imagined.  Please keep in mind I’m just a fan. This is all new to me, so being overwhelmed should be no big surprise. That’s why I chose to call it “The Greatest Show on Dirt”. Because to me, that is exactly what it was.  What else would motivate a person to sleep 3 nights in a tent, in the freezing cold, only to wake up breathing dirt and smelling like methanol? How bad you got it? Probably not that bad! But I do, and I would do it again in a minute, because I truly love racing. It all started late Thursday night when I pitched my tent behind the bleachers. Promoters, Harry, Mike, Marco, and Joy invited me into their motor home to share racing stories with me from years past. It was a 
great preliminary to the weekend that was about to come.

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