Mini 4

Welcome to Chowchilla Speedway’s 2020 racing season. We are extremely excited to get back on the track! Throughout this rule book, we will be covering the regulations for the Mini 4 races. If you wish to race, then you must comply with the following rules. Also, no performance parts are acceptable on your vehicle’s engine!


  1. No 4 doors.
  2. No station wagons.
  3. Must be small sedan.


  1. Maximum 1600cc.
  2. Any compression ratio.
  3. Intake manifold must remain stock. (No Alterations)
  4. All smog may be removed.
  5. No roller lifters.
  6. Must run stock ignition.
  7. Stock rods only.
  8. NO offset bushings in connecting rod wrist pins.
  9. Stock type pistons only.
  10. Must run stock size valves with single springs.


  1. One stock 2 barrel only.
  2. May remove butterfly.
  3. May change jets.
  4. 2 return springs.
  5. Must run air filter.
  6. Gas only.
  7. Must change from cable to rod.


  1. Must run muffler.
  2. Must meet 95DBs at 100 feet.
  3. Must run stock exhaust manifold.
  4. No grinding, porting or polishing.
  5. All exhaust pipes must run under car and exit behind driver.


  1. Stock mechanical fuel pumps recommended. If you run electric fuel pumps you must have a shut off valve.
  2. GAS only.
  3. Must run fuel cell.
  4. Cell must be securely fastened inside of trunk.
  5. Must have roll over valve.
  6. All fuel line running inside of drivers compartment must be in steel sleeve.
  7. Cell must be in center of trunk in steel container.


  1. No excessive gutting.
  2. Must remain stock appearing.
  3. All body parts must remain in stock location.
  4. Fire wall must remain in stock location.
  5. No fiber glass, aluminum.
  6. Doors must be bolted or welded.
  7. Bumpers must remain stock may run tubing behind for support.
  8. Bumpers must be plated to fenders.
  9. Must remove all glass and plastic may remove dash and replace with fabricated dash.
  10. May take out stock steering and replace with steel shaft.
  11. Must have readable numbers on both doors and on roof.
  12. NO Rear view mirrors.
  13. Windshield must be removed and replaced with screen or bars.


  1. One battery only.
  2. Battery must be securely mounted and in an approver container .
  3. A battery kill switch is to be mounted on left side of drivers compartment and clearly marked yellow or red.


  1. A full cage is mandatory.
  2. 1 ½ OD .95 wall.
  3. Must have 3 door bars on both sides.
  4. Gussets are required on all connections in main cage.
  5. Must run bar in trunk for fuel cage protection.
  6. Front loop OK.
  7. All bars close to driver must be padded.
  8. Seat must be mounted to cage.
  9. Cage must be mounted to floor with 4×4 plate.


  1. Stock trans only.
  2. Stock clutch.
  3. Stock fly wheel.
  4. Must have scatter shield.
  5. Must have working forward reverse and neutral.


  1. Must run all stock parts.
  2. Driveline must be painted white and have 2 safety loops 1 in front and 1 in the rear.
  3. Any toe in or  toe out is allowed.
  4. Stock shocks only and must be in stock location.
  5. Cutting front springs ok (may use spacers).
  6. Adjustable front struts ok.
  7. Camber may be altered.
  8. May add or subtract leaf springs.
  9. May have shackle adjuster.
  10. Wheel base must remain stock +/- 1.5 inches.


  1. Wheel spacers ok.
  2. 1 inch lug nuts mandatory.
  3. 13inch or 14inch rims only 7inches wide maximum.
  4. Must run DOT approved passenger car tires only.
  5. No mud grip or aggressive tread.
  6. Grooving allowed.
  7. No air bleeders.


  1. Must run stock rear end for make and model.
  2. May lock up.


  1. Must run stock brakes.
  2. After market brake pads ok.
  3. After market master cylinders ok.
  4. 3 wheel brakes ok.


  1. Must have at least single layer fire suit. (RACING)
  2. Must have Snell 90 or better helmet.
  3. Gloves and neck brace recommended.
  4. Aluminum racing seat mandatory.
  5. Window net mandatory.
  6. Fire extinguisher must be mounted in car.