Modified Vehicle

We are preparing for the 2020 racing season, so be sure to read over our 2020 Modified Vehicle rules! Although these rules designed for your safety, they in no way guarantee it. We all understand that racing is dangerous sport, and you enter our events at your own risk.


  1. Must consist of continuous hoops not less than 1.666 inch outside diameter with a wall thickness of at least .095 low carbon. Mild steel tubing is recommended.
  2. Must consist of a configuration of front and rear hoops connected by tubing on the sides or side hoops .
  3. Drivers head must not protrude outside cage with helmet on and strapped in drivers seat.
  4. Must have a minimum of one cross bar in top halo of roll cage.
  5. Feet protection is mandatory bar across back of engine with vertical bars and rub rails, or similar protection.
  6. No brace bars forward of cage may be higher than stock hood height.
  7. Main cage no further forward than engine plate.
  8. A minimum of 3 drivers side door bars at least 1.5 inches O.D. must be parallel with the ground and located perpendicular to the driver.
  9. The door bars must be welded to the front and rear of the roll cage members. Must have at least 1 cross door bar minimum 1.25 inch O.D. on passengers’ side.
  10. Drivers side must have steel doorplate 18-gauge steel welded to the outside of cage.


  1. No part of the car except the cross member and oil pan may be any lower than 4 inches from the ground.
  2. Factory production complete full 1960 or newer parallel American passenger car frames only.
  3. Frames may be cut in rear only at point not further than 36 inches from center of rear end housing.
  4. No front clips or tube type allowed.
  5. Maximum 2inch wide by 4-inch tall frame stiffener may be welded directly to outside of frame rail.
  6. Must be full and complete on both sides Frames may not be widened or narrowed and must be able to support roll cage on both sides.
  7. Front cross member must remain full and in tacked where joined at the frame rails.
  8. Center of the cross member may be notched for radiator or steering clearance only.
  9. No jeep, bronco, (ECT) or 4 wheel drive frames allowed.
  10. No sport car or front wheel drive allowed.
  11. Minimum wheelbase 108 inches. (both sides)
  12. Maximum overall width 78 inches. (tire to tire)


  1. Front suspension and steering must be unaltered approved OEM parts and must be in stock location.
  2. Outer tie rod end and adjustment sleeve may be replaced by a minimum .625-inch rod end and steel tube.
  3. Weight jack must be in original centerline of spring.
  4. Stock passenger car spindles only.
  5. Spindles can be ground for brake caliper clearance only.
  6. Bottom A-frames cannot be altered or moved. (can weld on shock mount)
  7. No offset or bearing type lower control arm bushing.
  8. Tube type upper A-arms ok and may be moved.
  9. Front sway bar must be OEM approved.
  10. All suspension, steering, and rear end parts must be steel.
  11. Steering box must be steel OEM and must remain within original bolt pattern for type of frame used.
  12. No rack & pinion allowed.
  13. Steel steering shafts and knuckles only.
  14. Steering must be kept to the left side of cockpit.
  15. No coil over shocks allowed.
  16. Rear of frame may be altered to accept leaf or coil springs.
  17. Coil springs must be 4.5 inches in outside diameter only 1 steel coil spring per wheel.
  18. No torsion bars allowed in rear.
  19. Progressive springs allowed only on pull or lift bar.
  20. No devices allowed that would enable driver adjustment to alter wheelbase or for weight jacking while car is in competition.
  21. No air shocks or air bags allowed.
  22. One shock per wheel only one additional shock and spring allowed on rear suspension of car.
  23. No adjustable shocks.


  1. Must have working caliper and rotor on each wheel and must lock up all 4 wheels.
  2. No brake shut off or pressure sensitive devices allowed.
  3. 1 proportioning device allowed front to rear only.
  4. Brake lines must be outside frame rails and visible.
  5. Vented rotors only.
  6. Rotors can not be lightened.
  7. Rotors may be predrilled for different bolt patterns or to put in larger studs.
  8. Must be steel approved OEM calipers.
  9. NO titanium products parts or components allowed anywhere on car hollow bolts or studs allowed anywhere on car.
  10. No gun drilled or hollow bolts or studs allowed anywhere on car.


  1. 1970 or newer American compact car only, no panel vans or station wagons.
  2. Stock appearing front windshield and rear window supports unit. Painted roll cage not an acceptable substitute. May utilize a flat half windshield with no wings mounted to roll cage.
  3. No mirrors.
  4. Must have a minimum of 3 windshield bars in front of driver.
  5. Cowl panel in front of driver can be no wider than cockpit and no farther back than the steering wheel.
  6. Fire wall is mandatory.
  7. All body parts should be recognizable as factory production vehicle.
  8. Fiberglass or metal duplicates of body parts are permitted.
  9. Hand made body parts may be constructed of steel, aluminum, or fiberglass but should be recognizable as factory parts.
  10. NO plastic body parts allowed.
  11. Body must be the same width, front to rear, and parallel to the frame.
  12. Original roofline of vehicle must be maintained.
  13. Must be fiberglass full sized roof.
  14. No wings, spoilers or any other ground effects anywhere outside or inside car.
  15. Sail panels must be the same on both sides of car.
  16. Reinforcing lips on rear of sail panels must be 180 degree bends.
  17. All cars must be numbered with large legible numbers on both sides, on top and rear panel all numbers must be easy to read and 4 inches thick and at least 20 inches high.
  18. Engine compartment will remain open; no side panels Hood sides may have a maximum 4-inch drop and must be enclosed at rear of hood.
  19. Maximum hood scoop height 6 inches.
  20. Passenger side of body must be no further forward than rear of block.
  21. Rear of bodies to be solid panel at least 8 inches high and includes car number.
  22. No panel in front of right door to engine compartment.
  23. No inner panels.
  24. No car covers.
  25. Drivers and passenger side windows must have at least 12 inch opening.


  1. No electronic monitoring computer devices capable of storing or transmitting information except tachometer allowed.
  2. No adjustable ignition control boxes.
  3. Rev-limiter ok. (1 high end setting only)
  4. No timing retard controls.


  1. Exhaust system must be mounted in such a way as to direct spent gasses away from cockpit and away from areas of possible fuel spillage.
  2. Must meet 95DB at 100 feet.
  3. All exhaust must go thru mufflers 2 per car 1 per header.


  1. Racing fuel cells required and must be mounted by at least 2 steel straps 2 inches wide around cell.
  2. Cell must be enclosed in a steel container.
  3. Must be mounted securely behind the rear axel and between the rear tires.
  4. No lower than 6 inches from ground.
  5. Must be protected by roll cage tubing.
  6. Protective tubing must cover the rear and extend past both sides of the cell. Cell must be a minimum of 4 inches ahead of rear bumper and no part of the cell shall be lower than the protective tubing.
  7. Fuel cell must have roll over valve.
  8. Cells are to be 32 gallon maximum.
  9. Gas or alcohol ONLY.


  1. (1) 2 OR 4 barrel carburetor.
  2. No fuel injection.
  3. No electric fuel pumps.
  4. All cars must have air filter.


  1. Must weight 2500 car and driver after the race.
  2. NO weights in drivers compartment.
  3. All weights must be painted white with car number on it.
  4. NO titanium parts or components.
  5. No gun drilled, tubular or hollow bolts or studs anywhere.


  1. Steel wheels only maximum width 8 inches.
  2. Steel external type bead locks permitted on right rear only.
  3. NO other type of bead lock allowed.
  4. Bead lock wheel cannot be any narrower than 8 inches and no wider than 8.25 inches.
  5. All components must be steel.
  6. Any offset. (NO WIDE 5 WHEELS ALLOWED)
  7. Track tires. (McCreary G60 or IMCA American Racer)       
  8. NO recaps, grooving, or softening.
  9. Rim mounted bleeder valves ok.
  10. Foam or plastic mud caps OK.


  1. (1) 12-volt battery only.
  2. All cars must be able to start on its own.


  1. All cars must have at least 1 forward and 1 reverse and neutral.
  2. OEM production type transmissions only.
  3. No 5 speeds.
  4. No in and out boxes or quick change devices.
  5. All manual gear- type transmissions must have a standard OEM case and must have a working disc-type clutch or approved cone type coupler or disc type coupler inside an explosion proof steel bell housing.
  6. One flywheel only minimum 8.5 inches in diameter.
  7. Diameter of clutch disc must be a minimum of 5.5 inches.
  8. The clutch assembly must be steel.
  9. Bell housing may be steel or aluminum.
  10. Bell housing must be complete and full except for a hole for the belt drive pump and throw out bearing lever or hose 270 degrees around the top of the clutch.
  11. The flywheel must bolt to the engine between the clutch assembly and the crankshaft.
  12. All drive line components within the bell housing must rotate while the car is in any gear.
  13. The starter must directly engage the flywheel.
  14. Automatic transmissions must remain OEM stock appearing.
  15. Original bell housing must remain.
  16. Must have an approved scatter shield or blanket.
  17. Scatter shield must go 270 degrees around the flex plate or flywheel.


  1. Center of bumper, front and rear must be 18 inches plus or minus 2 inches from the ground.
  2. Both bumpers must be steel minimum 1.25 inch tubing.
  3. Two bar front bumpers must be mounted frame end to frame end no wider than the width of materials outside frame horns with the bottom loop parallel to the ground. Top bar must be directly above bottom bar so bumper is perpendicular to the ground.
  4. Rear bumper, steel nerf bars and bodies must not extend beyond width of tires and must not contain sharp edges.
  5. Rear bumper may not be more than 2 inches wider than the car body.


  1. Any approved OEM passenger car type or truck rear end.
  2. No aluminum except lowering blocks axle caps and drive flange.
  3. Steel axles only.
  4. Full steel spool, Steel mini spool, or welded rear ends only.
  5. NO quick change devices.
  6. No cambered rear ends.
  7. (1) Piece flange only.


  1. NO aluminum blocks.
  2. Any American make engine may be used as long as rear of engine (bell housing flange) is mounted at least 72 inches forward from the center line of rear axle.
  3. Engine set back must be kept within 2 inches of center line of front cross member with engine level.
  4. Engine must be at least 11 inches from ground to front center of crank shaft.
  5. All engines must be able to be used in conventional passenger car without alterations.
  6. Motor mounts can not be removed or altered.
  7. Castings and fittings must not be changed.
  8. No machine work on the outside of engine or to the front or rear of cam shaft.
  9. Wet oiling systems only.
  10. Cooling systems may be modified.
  11. Radiators to be mounted in front of motor only.


  1. Helmets Snell SA90 or newer.
  2. All roll cage close to driver must have padding.
  3. Fire suit, neck brace, head sock and gloves must be worn.
  4. Kill switch to the left of the driver must be yellow or red boldly marked.
  5. 3 inch racing seat belts in great condition.
  6. Window net required.
  7. Fire extinguisher securely mounted in car.


  1. 500.00 cash claim on heads and intake manifold + exchange.
  2. Claim includes heads, valves and springs retainers and keepers studs, rocker arms, girdles and bare intake.
  3. Driver being claimed must make decision to sell or refuse within 5 minutes First decision is final.
  4. Only the top 5 finishers are subject to the claim. (MAIN ONLY)
  5. Any car 6th or further still on the lead lap may make a claim If more than one claim on the same person the car farthest back will awarded the claim.
  6. Only the driver may make a claim. It must be done immediately after the raceAll claims will be done on the infield when the top 5 are pulled in You must have a claim card and 500.00 in cash at this time.
  7. Refusal will result in loss of all points for that night loss of all money for that night and a 500.00-dollar fine. The fine must be paid before you will be allowed to race again.
  8. A driver may only claim 4 times in a calendar year and may only be claimed by the same driver 1 time in the calendar year.
  9. All fines will go into the point fund for this division.