Super 4

Hello! Welcome to the Super 4 racing class! At Chowchilla Speedway, the Super 4 class is designed for 4 cylinder vehicles that go a little faster than the rest. We are decimated to a fair playing field, so the Super 4 rules are below. If you fail to comply, then you will face a penalty. We recommend using these rules when building your vehicle.


  1. Any small car, truck or combination.
  2. NO 4 wheel drives.
  3. NO convertibles.
  4. Must have 4 fenders.


  1. Any carbureted 4 cylinder.
  2. Not to exceed 2900 CC.
  3. Any rods.
  4. Any pistons.
  5. Any cams.
  6. Gas only.


  1. Any steel rims but the max width is 8 inches.
  2. Any advertised DOT dirt racing tire but the max width is 8 inches.


  1. Any 2 barrel carburetor.
  2. No altering of carburetor.
  3. 1 inch carb spacer only.
  4. Must have 2 return springs.
  5. Any Intake.
  6. Electric fuel pumps must have shut off valve.
  7. All fuel line running thru car must be in steel sleeve.
  8. Must have fuel cell.
  9. Cell must be mounted securely and must be in a metal box.
  10. Cell must be no lower than center line of third member.


  1. Must have muffler.
  2. Must meet 95D.B. at 100ft.
  3. No exhaust may run thru driver compartment.
  4. Exhaust must have 2 safety chains. (one in front and one in back)


  1. All doors must be welded or bolted.
  2. Hood scoops no taller than 3 in.
  3. Racing seat belts in good shape.
  4. Helmet Snell90 or newer in good condition.
  5. Must have fire extinguisher securely fastened in car.
  6. Weight must be securely fastened to car.
  7. Numbers must be painted white with car #.